AV-1 power armor was a type of fully-enclosed armored power suit produced by GTU.


GTU's AV-1 combat armor was both portable and sturdy, providing effective protection for most light-duty applications; however, the 25,000 credits needed to buy it made it a useful but pricey armor. The GTU AV-1 was made for private security forces and Paramilitary groups. It was made of interlocking plates that completely cover the wearer's body. The armor was vacuum sealed and included a built in helmet package. It also included an advanced jet pack system that produced no sound, heat, or flames. Three different variants were produced; AV-1A Assault Armor, AV-1C Combat Armor, and AV-1S Scout Armor.

Behind the scenesEdit

While the Arms & Equipment Guide and Scum and Villainy have the manufacturer as GTU, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia has the manufacturer as Wrokix Works. This article assumes that the Encyclopedia is in error.