An AZ-series battle droid was a type of battle droid that was produced by Arakyd Industries.


AZ-series droids were large, with four legs that were mounted on a cylindrical base, with a sensor hub on top. A large blaster cannon was mounted on the right side of the hub, while a claw appendage was located on the left. AZs were used as anti-personnel droids and over time, were known to develop a liking for cat-and-mouse tactics, which resulted in the droids being regarded as sadistic. Because this tendency reduced the droids' tactical sense, they were generally memory-wiped every two or three months.


During a conflict on an unidentified forest world, a number of AZs were deployed and were tasked with hunting down patrols. One such droid attacked a patrol in a clearing that was located about 10 kilometers east of the village Liethae.


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