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This article is about the XQ3 Platform AZ 77. You may be looking for another XQ Platform of the same name.

AZ 77 was an XQ3 Platform manufactured by the Telgorn Corporation that operated as a salvage yard. It was seized by the Galactic Empire for harboring fugitives, including a Rebel spy.


The Platform was well armed, and was escorted by Sague, a a group of three Delta-class shuttles, as well as the IPV-1 System Patrol Craft Nemzet, the Y-wing Thunder, and the BFF-1 bulk freighter Renspecs. It was maintained by a repair crew which flew the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Poltroon.


AZ 77 was originally a salvage yard, and was used to harbor criminals, smugglers, and, during the Galactic Civil War, a Rebel spy tracked by the Galactic Empire. The spy had a modified Corellian transport that could outrun the Empire's Assault Gunboats.

Because of the transports' speed, a TIE Defender, escorted by TIE Avengers, was deployed to capture the spy. The Platform launched the transports Lin, Ko, and Kaar, escorted by Rogue Squadron, but all three were disabled by the TIE Defender's ion cannons and tractor beam before they could escape into hyperspace. The Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory arrived to oversee the Platform's capture of the Platform, and launched TIE Bombers and assault transports to disable AZ 77.

The events of the battle around AZ 77 were recorded and recreated for training purposes in the Combat chamber, allowing future pilots including Maarek Stele to prepare for official tours of duty.

Behind the scenesEdit

AZ 77 shares the same name and model with another Platform in Star Wars: TIE Fighter, which was officially a Rebel supply depot.



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