"A Crateful of Smoking Blasters" is an adventure idea in the The Unknown Regions, a 2010 supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game Saga Edition from Wizards of the Coast, which was written by Sterling Hershey, Rodney Thompson, and Daniel Wallace. The story sends the player characters to the planet O'reen in the Unknown Regions to deliver a cargo of luxury goods from a near-Human dealer to an on-world contact. However, when they arrive in the O'reen system, O'reenian ground control hassles them for having the improper identification codes. Nevertheless, the characters manage to convince the O'reenians to let them land. On-world, they are boarded by the O'reenians, who discover the storage crates full of high-level weaponry. They confiscate this as evidence of treason against the Magnus, but the offworlders convince them that they were ignorant of the contents of the crates. The O'reenians agree to let them go, provided they reveal the identity of their contact on the planet.


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