A Durni Mosaic was a mosaic painting available in the galaxy sometime after the Battle of Yavin during the Galactic Civil War. It had a silver, textured border and depicted three durni hopping and rolling in the foreground with an assemblage of trees in the background. A spacer was awarded one of the paintings for the being's work in photographing several different endangered types of durni on the planet Corellia.[1]

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A Durni Mosaic was a painting available to players of the now-defunct 2003 MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. It was a reward for the "Endangered Durni Photo Op" collection in the game, in which players were required to scour Corellia for the different types of durni and take photos of them with a special camera item. When completed, the player would receive the painting and a varied amount of experience points—depending on their combat level at the time—and the camera item would disappear from their inventory. Once attained, the painting could be used in the player's home as decoration.[1]


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