"Welcome back to "A Galaxy Befuddled." Over the last two hours, I've offered you glimpses into the way these wondrous sea creatures live, and I've discussed the strange disappearance of their mother....."
―Doctor A. Rahring[src]

A Galaxy Befuddled was a holodocumentary filmed by the Kel Dor Doctor A. Rahring in the last decades of the Old Republic.[1]

Rahring and his team researched about the Dorumaan leviathan, an almost extinct oceanic mammal. Only two living leviathans were known. However, Rahring's documentary brought them to the public's attention.[1]

Soon after the documentary was released, one of the leviathans disappeared. It was suspected that it had been kidnapped by smuggler Rufus Trammel, who meant, it was presumed, to sell it to one of Rahring's fans.[1]



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