A Jedi's Weapon

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A Jedi's Weapon
Attribution information

Henry Gilroy


Manuel Garcia


Jimmy Palmiotti


Steve Dutro


Guy Major

Publication information

Dark Horse Comics

Published in

Star Wars Tales 12

General information

Rise of the Empire era

A Jedi's Weapon is a short comic featured in Star Wars Tales 12.

Plot summaryEdit

The story chronicles a diplomatic mission of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. On Coruscant, they meet King Sha-Mar Ma-dred from Kashir who wishes to join the Republic. However, the two Jedi soon find out that the Kashirim value thievery as an important social skill. While Ma-Dred's wives exit the room where the negotiations take place, Anakin is distracted by the wives "assets" and his lightsaber is stolen.

Anakin embarks on a mission to recover the lightsaber before Obi-Wan finds out about it. He is led from wife to wife, asking questions of each, until he comes upon the last one. She reveals that she lost it shortly after the theft, but Anakin is forced to dangle out a nearby window when guards intrude inside the room. Eventually, Anakin gives up and begins to trudge back to his room when he finds Kenobi. The Jedi Master lectures Anakin about the importance of his lightsaber, and hands it back. After he witnessed the wife's theft, he gently used the Force to recover it, and was only waiting for Anakin to come to him to say he'd lost it.


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Behind the scenesEdit

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Though this is a Star Wars Tales story that is from before Star Wars Tales 21 and was therefore originally considered Infinities, a reference in Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide places the basic storyline into the main canon.

A Free Comic Book Day version of this Tales story was released in May of 2002.

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