"A Mother's Hope" is a short story written by Drew Karpyshyn and published in the developer blog for Star Wars: The Old Republic on November 17, 2016. It features Senya Tirall and her daughter Vaylin engaging in a duel on the planet Ord Mantell in the aftermath of the Battle of Odessen. As seen in the cinematic trailer Betrayed

Plot SummaryEdit

After the Battle of Odessen, Senya Tirall flees with her severely injured son, Arcann, the deposed Emperor of Zakuul. Arriving at Ord Mantell seeking refuge, Senya tries to meet with a cell of renegade Knights of Zakuul that refuse to pledge fealty to the new Empress Vaylin.

Upon arrival, Senya finds that the renegade Knights have been recently killed, with Vaylin lying in wait for her. The two engage in a fierce duel, although when a lightsaber pike thrown by Vaylin critically damages the hyperdrive of a crashed shuttle near their duel, it causes a massive explosion. In the explosion, Senya and Vaylin are separated from each other, and Senya takes the opportunity to flee and seek help elsewhere.


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