The following is an email conversation between me and John Jackson Miller about his 2014 novel A New Dawn. He has kindly given me permission to reproduce this conversation on Wookieepedia. Andykatib 05:35, June 13, 2016 (UTC)

Source:  E-mail from John Jackson Miller, permission granted to postAttribution:  John Jackson Miller

Andrew: I just have a few questions to ask.

1) While the Ghost appears in this story, Chopper doesn't. But to be fair, we only see the Ghost at the beginning and the end of the novel; we are not even told the ship's name. Based on this information and what's been revealed in the Star Wars Rebels episodes "Homecoming" and "The Forgotten Droid", Chopper probably stayed aboard the Ghost while Hera had her adventures with Kanan, Skelly, and Zaluna. A New Dawn was produced before those two Rebels episodes. Would that be a good explanation for Chopper not appearing in the novel?

2) In A New Dawn, the entire population of Gorse lives on the moonward side where it is perpetually night. In the absence of natural sunlight, I imagine that the population would have to undergo light therapy. During World War II, French soldiers stationed in the Maginot Line regularly underwent light therapy in workshops. I remember seeing a black-and-white photo in a collection of wartime Life magazine photos. Would this be realistic?

3) Just one comment, I notice some parallels between Captain Rae Sloane and Grand Admiral Thrawn's characters. Sloane may still be a new Captain in the Imperial Navy but she seems to be the logical, rational sort of villain. She is committed to serving the Emperor and advancing the interests of the Galactic Empire. She is willing to sacrifice many lives on Gorse and go ahead with Vidian's plan to increase thorilide production in the Gorse system. When Kanan presents evidence exposing Vidian's deception and fraud, she plays a significant role in helping the rebels to defeat Vidian. Do you think this observation of Sloane and Thrawn is accurate?

4) Just one final question. In the Star Wars Insider 152 article "Rebels United", there is a picture of Hera and Kanan aboard the Ghost. There is third figure between Hera and Kanan who looks like a droid or cyborg. That individual doesn't seem to match the description of either Vidian, Skelly, or Zaluna. Who is that person? I have attached the picture for you to have a look at.

John Jackson Miller: 1) I have no idea where Chopper would be or should be at this time. Unless it's been mentioned someplace official, I would not speculate.

2) Everyone has artificial light in their homes and buildings. I imagine they account for that somehow.

3) I certainly wrote her to be rational. It has been many years since I read anything with Thrawn in it so I don't think there is a conscious comparison only part. She's just acting in her self interest.

4) The character is mentioned. It is the driver droid, which they deactivate.

Hope this helps!