"Lastly, we have a complaint from the Aar'aa regarding their order. Apparently, the MSE droids skittering underfoot are making them uncomfortably… hungry."
Rebaxan Columni executives, product-testing the MSE-6[src]

Aar'aa were a reptilian sentient species native to the planet Aar.

Biology and appearanceEdit

Aar'aa could change their skin color to match their surroundings. Tall and muscular, they had pebbly scales, claws, a thin dorsal ridge, and large faces with thick eyeridges which overhanged small, glowing eyes. Being cold-blooded creatures, they became sluggish in extremely cold temperatures. Their eyes were reddish-orange in color.[1]

Aar'aa in the galaxyEdit

Aar'aa were often associated with Hutt syndicates. Several Aar'aa served as guards for the t'landa Til "religious retreat" on Ylesia run by the Besadii kajidic.[1] Pohtarza was assassinated by an Aar'aa employed by Jabba.[2]

Apparently, they considered the movements of mouse droids somewhat appetizing, as it strongly reminded them of prey behavior patterns.[3]



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