The Aargau Undercity was the lowest level of the IBC Arcology on the banking world of Aargau.


The InterGalactic Banking Clan was based in the IBC Arcology, a massive pyramid shaped structure, which was further divided into seven color-coded levels, one being the highest and smallest, and seven being the lowest and biggest. Level Seven was the Undercity and was the actual surface of the planet. The Undercity was in a perpetual state of darkness, the only light being artificial, coming from buildings, turbolifts and capsule tubes which were used for traveling between levels of the pyramid.


The Undercity was the remains of a vast city built millions of years ago by the original natives. The pyramid grew out of the ancient city and slowly, after additions and alterations over thousands of years, it became a well-known monument.

The Undercity was a vast metropolis that was populated by nearly every species in the galaxy. It was severely over-populated because of the large amounts of beings coming to earn their fortune trading in precious metals, credits and information. With the upper levels of the pyramid being so regulated, as a form of rebellion, the Undercity became a hive of illegal commerce. As a result of this, the vast majority of the crowd were crooks, criminals and the scum of the galaxy. Many lost their credits and even their lives to the Undercity.

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