A ship docks at Abek's Station

Abek's Station was a Shadowport owned by the Nikto pirate Nim Abek. It resided on the Sisar Run just before the Ac'fren Spur, though it could not be found on any maps. The only method of finding it was by invitation only. The male Near-Human Blalock was in charge of security on the shadowport.

The station was destroyed in 3 ABY by Commander Surlev of the Galactic Empire.


  • Level 1: "The Pit"/Engineering (lowest level)
    • Contained the life support systems, gravity generators, storage, power & refueling cells, and the station's reactor
  • Level 2: Spaceport/Accommodations
  • Level 3: Docking Bay
    • Contained docking facilities for Abek's customers
  • Level 4: The Arena
    • Contained facilities for gladiatorial combat, Nim Abek's favorite form of entertainment, as well as an animal pen for Abek's Oskan blood eater
  • Level 5: Abek's Dock
    • Contained docking facility for Abek and his men
  • Level 6: The Pirate's Quarters
    • Contained a private lounge, a kitchen, and private quarters for Abek's men
  • Level 7: The Chop Shop
    • Contained docking facilities for stolen ships awaiting maintenance
  • Level 8: Abek's Quarters

A freighter flees Abek's Station