"Perhaps if Abil can contact some of the Underground's leaders an agreement can be made that will benefit both parties."
General Carlist Rieekan, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Abil Filorin was an agent with the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


Filorin was the leader of a ten-person cell located on the planet Brosi, Filorin and his cell performed surveillance on an area under the influence of the local resistance group known as the Brosin Underground. Although the Brosin Underground was opposed to the oppressive Corporate Sector Authority-controlled government, their methods made the CSA nervous, and Filorin and his commanders, including General Carlist Rieekan, feared the CSA would increase security and find Filorin's cell—as well as three underground Rebel operatives working as false Zinsian spin-sealer technicians.

Filorin repeatedly attempted to contact one of the leaders of the Brosin Underground, Vuraj Marn, to discuss this issue, and convince him to change the Underground's plans. However, as of 2 ABY, Filorin doubted he would succeed due to the different goals of both resistance groups. Furthermore, Marn proved difficult to find.

Behind the scenesEdit

Abil's surname is alternately spelled "Filorin" or "Vilorin" throughout Alliance Intelligence Reports.