Abo Dreth was a planet in the Corporate Sector, thriving with lakes and rivers but with a nitrogen-based atmosphere.


Abo Dreth was a planet in the Abo Dreth system, within the Corporate Sector of the Outer Rim of the galaxy.[1] Located in the Tingel Arm, it was large and, at least from orbit, dark brown in color, and its terrain was sprinkled with hundreds of silver lakes and rivers. The atmosphere was Type III,[2] nitrogen-based,[3] and the planet was thus rich in that gas, while a breath mask was required to travel on or near the surface. The planet was mostly known for its vast number of vicious avians. Its galactic coordinates were S-3.[1]


In 0 ABY, the renowned female Corporate Sector Authority executive Hart-and-Parn Gorra-Fiolla landed on the planet with a prisoner named Naven Crel. She had been assigned to look for a Rebel Alliance cell but was instead led into a trap planned by her own boss, Chils Meplin, an Authority Prex. Meplin had discovered that Crel knew about him selling CSA secrets to the Empire. The ensuing confrontation resulted in the deaths of both a woman by the name of Akeeli Somerce, who was Meplin's assistant and had been assigned to assassinate Crel, and Fiolla's prisoner. Fiolla left the planet soon after.[2]

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Abo Dreth first appeared in the 1997 Star Wars Galaxy Magazine 12 article Priority: X, a short story written by George R. Strayton. Later, it was mentioned in the 2008 The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia and again in The Essential Atlas, written by Jason Fry and Daniel Wallace, and published in 2009. The planet was mentioned once more within The Essential Reader's Companion, published in 2012.



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