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Abominelle, the Royal Margravine of Vena, was a Venan Human female. Her trip to Fornax Station for her wedding was interrupted by Han Solo and a plot by the station's security officer, Smurdap. She called off the wedding when she fell in love with Solo.


Abominelle was a Venan Human female and the Royal Margravine of Vena. On the eve of her wedding day around 2 BBY, she was touring the Fire Rings of Fornax on Fornax Station. Her trip was interrupted by a pilot and his partner. Solo insulted her and walked off, leaving her speechless.[1]

Later that night, her Tyrian cloth wedding dress was stolen by the station's security officer, Smurdap in an attempt to blackmail the two pilots into turning over their contraband. Abominelle screamed loudly, drawing the attention of Solo, who at the time was oblivious to the plot. He insulted her once again for making a scene, and walked away.[1]

After Smurdap was outwitted and under custody, her dress was returned. When she saw Solo again, she told him the wedding had been called off because she was in love with someone else. She held out her hand to him, and he politely took it, then told her Chewbacca wanted to ask if there was a reward for returning the dress. This infuriated her, and she started screaming again.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

As royalty, Abominelle was extremely spoiled. She would accost anyone or anything which interfered with her plans. She was also prone to screaming at inconveniences. Abominelle also appeared to be finicky, abandoning her soon-to-be husband when she fell in love with someone else.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

By her words and demeanor, it appears the man she fell in love with was none other than the scoundrel, Solo. Abominelle appears in Ryder Windham's 2010 young reader novel, Fire Ring Race.


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