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Govt Mound

The Government Center, home of the Government Council.

The Government Council of Abridon was a governing body of that planet. The Council was not the only authority on the planet, however, as Abridon also had a governor and lieutenant governor. It was most likely housed in the Government Center.


In 3 ABY it opened negotiations with the Alliance to Restore the Republic after the Abridon Nationalists took control of the capital and much of the planet. The Alliance sent five diplomats, among them Luke Skywalker, to negotiate Abridon's joining. However, the negotiations were cut short when Imperial forces arrived and retook the planet.

Several months later, Rebel forces drove the Empire off the planet. At that time, Lieutenant Governor Hamman Flatt was able to guarantee the planet's loyalty to the Rebellion, suggesting that the Government Council's authority was limited or that the Council was no longer in existence at that point.


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