The Abyss of Ruh was a natural feature located in the Rift of the planet Tython in the Deep Core of the galaxy. It was named after the Je'daii Ranger Rian Ruh, who discovered the Abyss and went insane after exploring it.[2]


The Abyss of Ruh was a vast and mysterious natural chasm located deep within the Rift on the planet Tython. A vergence exuding the dark side of the Force, the Je'daii Order established itself on the planet, exploring such bizarre places and attempting to discover the mysteries of the world. While the Rift itself was a kilometer deep in areas, the Abyss seemed bottomless and attempts to find the bottom proved fruitless. The region was rife with volcanoes, and quicksand and acid pits were among its many dangers. Deep within the Abyss, exotic and rare beasts and creatures sprung forth that could only be found near to the Abyss. Capturing several of these animals, the Je'daii transported them to the Temple of Science, called Anil Kesh, for experimentation and analysis. Some Je'daii believed the Abyss was connected through underground tunnels carved by the Kwa to the Chasm many kilometers away.[2]



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