Acablas was a site consisting of both natural and constructed structures, all centered around a powerful vergence on the planet Auratera in Wild Space.


Acablas was a site on the planet Auratera that had attracted Force-sensitives for centuries, drawn by the powerful vergence in the Force. A complex nexus of power, Acablas was dangerous to those untrained in the Force, and even some trained Jedi Knights were prone to its ill-effects. The powers of the vergence fluctuated between mildly light and deeply influenced by the dark side; while the planet was largely basked in the light side of the Force, the site sometimes acted as a well in which the dark side was concentrated. The switch in the nexus' alignment was swift and abrupt, and often coincided with the solar events in the system.[1]

The site was home to many different structures which varied in size, use, and architecture. Constructed by the Jedi Order, Sith Empires, and various others, some ranged from monolithic and elaborate, while others were simple or prefabricated. Many of the temples were built over existing facilities, causing their interiors to be maze-like, and difficult to navigate. The most notable structures were Aca's Funnel, which was built over the cenote, and the Sith and Jedi temples.[1]

The structure that all of the others were built around was the cenote, a natural cavern that contained the vergence. Partially flooded by a lazy underground river, a series of complex caverns were connected to the cenote and led into the bowels of the planet. The earliest visitors to the site used the Force to reinforce the dome of the cenote with duracrete-like stone slabs. The facility's walls were decorated with elaborate paintings of the Force in use, and symbols of unknown origin. At its base, the exposed rock of the cavern was still visible, supporting a stone walkway that encircled the chamber, with archways allowing access to the caverns beyond. Just below the walkway, extremely clear water pooled, varying based on weather conditions in the region. A stone platform rose from the water in the center of the chamber, though whether it was natural or constructed could not be determined. While some sections of the ceiling had been replaced due to age by later inhabitants, large pockets of the dome had collapsed by the time of the Galactic Civil War into the pool. Skeletons and artifacts discarded from ancient ceremonies remained sunken in the waters.[1]


Originally discovered millennia in the past, Acablas was a mystery to Force-sensitives and attracted attention somewhat frequently. Constructing the first structures at the site, the initial inhabitants of the area long disappeared, along with much of their construction. Both the Jedi Order and the Sith Empires of old fought violently over the site, with Jedi Masters undergoing trials of strength, while the Sith punished Sith Lords and apprentices in violent rituals.[1]

After the New Sith Wars, Jedi Master Nareen Cale secretly changed the war reports, claiming the Auratera was rendered uninhabitable by fierce battles between the Sith and the Jedi. Cale worked with the local government of Auratera to ensure that the Jedi and the Sith would never bother the complex again. The Jedi occasionally sent representatives to study the site and maintain their facilities; though droids were left to largely ensure upkeep. During the Clone Wars, Acablas' caretaker was recalled to avoid drawing the attention of Darth Tyranus. With the rise of the Galactic Empire, Auratera fell completely out of memory and thought, with the locals giving the place a wide berth and never speaking of it.[1]


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