The Academy at Sab Rufo,[1] also known as the Sab Rufo Academy,[2] was an academic institution where Obo Rin claimed to have graduated with two doctoral degrees. He also claimed to be Director of Sentientology there. These were among the credentials which led the Galactic Empire to commission him to write the Catalog of Intelligent Life in the Galaxy.[1]

Imperial Intelligence Major Herrit, who was suspicious of Rin, did a background check on him. His investigation led him to believe that the Academy, and for that matter the planet Sab Rufo, did not actually exist. Although Darth Vader's aide Captain Solistein claimed that Lord Vader had visited Sab Rufo, he did not definitively state that Rin was associated with it.[1]

The Academy at Sab Rufo operated an oceanographic research base on the planet Trieron in the Veron system of the Mid Rim.[2]


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