The Accelerated Transgenic Heuristic Abhorers were savant abominations created by the techno-lords of the Arkanian Dominion as a response to the Assimilators, the self-repairing cyborgs of the Arkanian Renegades. Synthesized to seek in lust and destroy with relish, they were created by splicing the genetic sequences of their Arkanian creators with those of Yaka, degenerate Rakghouls, Amorphiians, dianogas, and other dangerous species. They were capable of digesting even reputedly indestructible materials, including diamond alloys, to chyme. The being that came to be known as Zeta Magnus was the prime specimen of those Abhorers.[1]

The Arkanian Dominion sicced their abominations upon the Assimilators, and a particularly violent war ensued. After the Renegades were dealt with for good, the Arkanian Dominion decided to systematically destroy all the Abhorers. However, the prime specimen Zeta Magnus managed to escape. For a time, the Dominion kept dispatching rangers after Magnus, but eventually gave up. The abomination ended up eating its creators, and went traveling the galaxy for three decades.[1]


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