The Acclamator-class transport drop ship, also known as the Imperial landing craft[1] or Kuat dropship[2] was a model of large Imperial military transport that was utilized during the Galactic Civil War.



Acclamator drop ships over Hoth.

Design-wise, with its wedge-shape, the drop ship resembled Star Destroyers,[4] especially the models of the Acclamator-class assault ship line.[5] Unlike these vessels, the large drop ship had a less aerodynamic shape, and a rather broad front compared with the straight dagger-shape of most of Kuat's other warships.[2] At least one variant had a rectangular area at the lower front of the vessel.[2]


A dropship deploys armored vehicles to support Lieutenant Janek Sunber's force.

These transports were used to rapidly deploy large, mechanized forces on a greater scale than most other Imperial landing craft, by utilizing elevator decks of various sizes to unload multiple heavy vehicles at once. The large elevator could accommodate at least one All Terrain Armored Transport, one A5 Juggernaut tank, and either several smaller All Terrain Scout Transports,[2] or an All Terrain Tactical Enforcer.[3] The transport drop ship was armed with several gun batteries on either side of the vessel.[2]


Several models of these dropships were utilized in large battles that had a heavy presence of armored units, such as the Battle of Hoth, where they were used to drop off AT-ATs and other vehicles.[2][1][5] During the Battle of Keskin, Acclamator dropships were deployed quite close to the frontlines, yet seemed to escape most artillery fire and deployed their cargo efficiently.[3]



Notes and referencesEdit

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