"Being an Ace is not all fun and games, Kaz. They also have to help bring in shipments, patrol the skies. It can be dangerous."
―Neeku Vozo[src]

Ace Squadron, also known as the Aces squadron or the Aces, was a starfighter squadron employed by the Colossus refueling station as a defense force during the age of the New Republic. They were also tasked with the handling of critical shipments. The squadron consisted of the five best pilotsTorra Doza, Hype Fazon, Freya Fenris, Griff Halloran, and Bo Keevil—in the facility. They were also considered to rank among the most talented pilots throughout the galaxy. Aside from their role in station security, the Aces were known to engage in competitive starship racing for leisure.[1][3]

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"The Aces are a group of pilots amongst the best in the galaxy...They're all reluctant resistance members. They didn't want this. It's sort of been thrust upon them because of the First Order."
―The Aces featurette[src]

Ace Squadron was created and developed for the animated series Star Wars Resistance. The first footage of the squad was released on August 17, 2018.[7] Further details regarding the pilots that formed the squadron were released on September 14, 2018.[2]



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