"It's been said that one of Ace's more famous stunts involved forging copies of the Death Star battle station plans and selling them to tourists and other gullible fools. The technical plans, once loaded into a droid or computer terminal, would mutate and perform the most outrageous stunts. Some programs would generate holograms of a dancing Darth Vader. Other, meaner, versions would simply wipe the memory contents of the droid or terminal."
Platt Okeefe[src]

Ace of Staves was the unofficial leader of the group of criminals calling themselves the Bartog Syndicate and a resident at Zirtran's Anchor.

Unshaven, rough and grizzled, Ace appeared older than he actually was. He had drifted from planet to planet till he finally settled down at Zirtran's Anchor. He had a knack for repairing and modifying electrical equipment and droids. He used his skills for criminal purposes as well as for the simple purpose of pulling pranks on people. He especially enjoyed irritating the Empire. He was an expert in forgery, and he and his people were able to conjure up almost anything they were asked to do ranging from official spacer logs to Imperial military identification. His real name unknown to other than himself, his moniker was borrowed from the name of one of the cards in a regular sabacc deck.


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