Achillea was a planet that was located within the Cadriaan Province of the Tapani sector. It was a tradeworld on the Shapani Bypass hyperspace route and was one of House Cadriaan's primary worlds.


Discovered during the Twelve Kingdoms Era, Achillea joined the Galactic Republic after several centuries during the Federal Era. The sector was represented in the Galactic Senate by Senator Rodd of Fondor during the Clone Wars.


The planet boasted shallow, warm seas and three large land masses; Achillea's urban centers were located on the northernmost continent. The capital city, Cadriell, was situated on a peninsula on the west coast, where it was surrounded by spectacular cliffs that overlooked the ocean.

Achillea's small southern continent hosted huge spacia tree plantations which were farmed for spacia wood that was made into furniture. Manufactured on Achillea, such furniture was in great demand throughout the galaxy.