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Achk Med-Beq was a male Human present in the Outlander Club on Coruscant when Jedi Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi were searching for the bounty hunter Zam Wesell. He along with his partner Dannl Faytonni were posing as Republic Security Force officers attempting to con patrons out of their credits.[2]

Med-Beq and Faytonni later conned the aspiring criminal Magaloof. [3] He once rescued Llollulion from the CoCo District Constabulary on Coruscant.[4]

Later Med-Beq and Faytonni fled from Senate Commandos under Captain Faro Argyus. They claimed Padmé Amidala's ship from C-3PO and Jar Jar Binks. Unfortunately the ship was programmed to bring them back to the Senate.[5]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Achk Med-Beq was portrayed by and named after Ahmed Best, the actor who played Jar Jar Binks.

This method of basing a fictional entity name on a real-life person name is known as a tuckerization.



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