"Good afternoon, employees of Radell Mining Corporation. My name is Adair Koryunt. You don't know me, but I've a wonderful surprise in store for you. In 20 minutes or so, a concealed bomb will level this building. That should supply you an interesting couple of minutes unless you can locate the bomb. Good luck!"
―Adair Koryunt[src]

Adair Koryunt was a male saboteur who was hired by the company Imperial Mining, Limited during the Galactic Civil War, to place a bomb inside the headquarters of the Radell Mining Corporation in the city Elrooden on the planet Elrood. Accompanied by three mercenaries, Koryunt placed the bomb inside the building, then spoke over the structure's intercom and announced to RMC's employees that the building would be destroyed in twenty minutes time. To ensure that no-one disabled the bomb before it exploded, Koryunt and the mercenaries remained behind in the building's storage area. However, a team of Rebel Alliance agents disabled the bomb and confronted Koryunt and the mercenaries. Koryunt and his team subsequently fled in a repulsor cart and the sabotuer planned to escape the city on Elrood's monorail system.