This article is about the reptilian creature. You may be looking for the Rebel tactician Adar Tallon or Imperial Prefect Adar.

Adars were pack-hunting reptilian creatures with sail-like wings, which hailed from the blistering hot planet of Omiddelon III. Cunning and dangerous hunters, adars were found on numerous worlds and space stations in the galaxy, where their adaptive metabolisms allowed them to survive on virtually any food source.

Biology and appearanceEdit

A typical adar was a reptilian creature with a long, spiky tail and large, membranous wings on its back. Its huge, clawed forelimbs were used for scampering through obstructed areas, while it used its hooked rearlimbs to propel itself through the air by taking great leaps. Gliding on air currents, the adar used its tail for balance when in motion.[1]

The adars were well adapted to their environment, particularly when food was scarce as they stored excess water and energy in their tails, and evolved to metabolize virtually any food source. Adars could eat anything from the proteins of living beings to plants and even wood, rock, and minerals. However, the adaptive process could take months to complete, and those who adapted to non-standard food sources had a greatly reduced life span. Their long bodies required an intense amount of energy during their active seasons, and their high metabolisms required the adar to eat their body weight in food every day to match their energy output. Those adars who drew on stored energy risked releasing an enzyme during the conversion process that eventually induced a trace-like state in which the adar slowed its breathing and energy use, becoming motionless until it was able to detect a nearby food source. Some adars who entered this state could survive for up to eight months, particularly in sheltered areas. Their adaptive metabolisms allowed adars to live in forests, jungles, and swamps, as well as urban and rural areas, so long as food was available.[1]

Adars were pack animals, with hunting parties ranging in size anywhere from four to over three dozen adars. Their battle tactics made them cunning and dangerous predators, even to Humans and large grazing animals: Adars would separate, flying on their wings to cover large areas, and upon locating a food source, a single adar could let out a piercing scream to attract its pack. Surrounding their prey, the adars leaped at or "dive-bombed" their targets, often simultaneously, to devastating effect.[1]


The adars native to the planet Omiddelon III were forced to continually adjust to their habitat, which was primarily governed by intense light, heat, and radiation. Further, the world's poles were oriented parallel to the orbital plane, meaning that planetary regions suffered periods of blistering heat and freezing cold with only brief mild seasons in between. While Omidedelon proved hostile to Humans and saw many life-forms die out, the adar population survived despite the formidable challenges of their environment. Like other native life-forms, the adar were active in the milder seasons and hibernated during the extreme weather. Because of this, the species became the dominant predators on Omiddelon III, and on other planets of the galaxy as well; adars were accidentally transplanted to other worlds, and were reported anywhere from urban waste systems to isolated farms and even space stations.[1]


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