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This article is about the reptilian creature. You may be looking for the Rebel tactician Adar Tallon or Imperial Prefect Adar.

Adars were pack-hunting, two meter-long, reptilian creatures with sail-like wings from the blistering hot planet of Omiddelon III.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

Adars were long, reptilian creatures with long tails, huge clawed forelimbs, hooked rearlimbs, and large membranous wings on their backs. Adars moved by using their rearlimbs to propel them through the air with great leaps, while their wings helped them glide on air currents. Their forelimbs helped them scamper through obstructed areas, such as forests, jungles and swamps, and their tails helped them maintain their balance for all movement.

Adars had an extremely high metabolism, using an immense amount of energy during their active cycles: they had to consume their full weight every day to match their energy use. However, they were well adapted to environments where food was scarce - their tails could store excess energy and water. Also, when adars had to begin drawing on stored energy, part of the conversion process released an enzyme which eventually induced a mild "trance" (once the stored energy was almost entirely consumed). The adar would greatly slow its breathing and energy use, remaining motionless, until it could detect a ready food source nearby. Adars in appropriately sheltered areas could survive for upwards of eight standard months while in this state.

Adars were also incredibly adaptive in that they could evolve to metabolize virtually any food source. While they preferred the proteins of living beings, they could eat plants, and in some cases, adapted to draw sustenance from wood, rock and minerals. This adaptive process could take several months (the greater the difference from traditional food sources, the longer the adaptive process), and adars so adapted had a greatly reduced life span.

Because of their adaptive metabolisms, adars could thrive in rural areas, densely packed urban areas, and virtually anywhere else food was available. Packs of roaming adars were reported everywhere from subterranean city waste systems to space stations to isoiated farms and ranches. Adars would not hesitate to attack Humans, large grazing animals and just about anything else that might have been edible, and their cunning battle tactics made them dangerous opponents, especially at short range.

Adars typically hunted in packs, ranging anywhere from four to over three dozen members. The adars separated, using their wings to cover a vast amount of area. However, once food was located, a single adar would release a piercing scream, which would summon the other members of the pack. The adars would circle their prey, using a series of leaping or "dive-bombing" attacks, often with several adars launching simultaneous attacks from different angles.


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