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Adari was a planet in the Adari system dotted with dense forested areas, along with snow-capped mountains. Known for manufacturing, mining, and pacifism, the planet supplied the galaxy with several key resources. The planet was covered with deadly plants that killed those who ate them.


Discovered circa 25,000 BBY Adari became the adopted homeworld of the Adarians, a race of humanoids with a strict social structure. A member of the Galactic Republic since its early ages, Adari was on the cusp of galactic battles, as its neighbor Vurdon Ka was on the contested Perlemian Trade Route.[1]

Remaining loyal to the Republic through the Clone Wars, the planet bought neutrality during the Galactic Civil War by supplying the Galactic Empire with extensive resources. Located in relative proximity to Dantooine, Adari became known as the "refuge planet" for outcast Jedi and Rebel Alliance troops.[1]