Adaroo was a male Khormai from Khorm who served as leader of the Khormai resistance during the Clone Wars. He assisted Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Kit Fisto during the Battle of Khorm.


Around 22 BBY,[1] Adaroo decided to help the Republic after Jedi Master Plo Koon promised to free the trapped Khormai and reclaim the planet from the Separatists. Adaroo told Master Koon that his personal nemesis, Unger Gout had allied with Count Dooku in order to gain more power and enslave the Khormai in the mines of Argozit.

On the way to a Khormai village, Adaroo stopped and noticed that some of the villagers were killed. Adaroo mourned their lost and decided to give them a proper burial. When they were done with the funeral, Andaroo called several ice worms to be used as mounts for him and his people for crossing the mountains in order to get to the weather-control station as fast as possible. He fought in the battle and was presumably killed.

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