"How many more of us have to die to carry this burden? We didn't steal these things. The Empire did. They should be the ones performing penance."
―Addar begins to doubt the mission to return the crystals[src]

Addar was a male human member of the Church of the Force who traveled to the planet Christophsis to return a crate of kyber crystals originally grown there. He did not truly share the beliefs of the church on the Force and quickly became disillusioned with the purpose of the mission, especially when a group of kyaddak began hunting the church members as they passed through the crystal forest. After losing the Elomin Madrammagath to the predators, Addar and his three remaining companions made it out of the forest, but in the following days first the Duros Uggorda and then the MA-B0 cargo lifter droid Mabo also perished, leaving only the human and his Iakaru friend Jumon.

On the thirteenth day of the expedition, the kyaddak returned and Jumon sacrificed himself to buy Addar the time he need to complete the mission. The human fled from the predators and managed to reach the cavern in which the crystals were supposed to be returned, but there the kyaddak caught up with him. Using a blaster pistol he had brought with him, Addar fired at the beasts and managed to shatter elements of the cavern walls in the process, bringing down a section of the ceiling. Safe from the kyaddaks, but trapped and alone, Addar began unpacking the crystals to complete the mission, trying to ignore the fact that he would most likely perish in the crystal prison he had accidentally created.


"I hate those things. Why won't they leave us alone? We should kill them."
"They are creatures of the Force, too."
"So, we do not attack.
―Addar and Jumon argue about fighting the kyaddak[src]

The human male Addar was born to a female founding member of the religious group known as the Church of the Force and grew up to become a member of the church himself.[1] In the year 5 ABY,[2] he joined a five-man expedition to the planet Christophsis with the aim of returning a collection of kyber crystals to the place in which they had originally grown. The crystals had been harvested by members of the Jedi Order for use in lightsabers, but then taken by the Galactic Empire after the order's downfall and used to power the superlaser of their Death Star superweapon.[1]


Addar traveled to Christophsis to return kyber crystals originally grown there.

The group arrived in a starship and set out to pass through one of Christophsis' many crystalline cave systems, but by the third day Addar had begun to doubt their missions and confided as such to his friend, the Iakaru Jumon. To reassure him, Jumon had him rewatch holographic recordings of the leader of the church Brin Izisca while the group rested around a campfire they had set up for the night beneath the stars. The following day the group entered the crystal forest, and by the end of the fourth day they realised they were being hunted by something among the crystallized trees.[1]

On the sixth day the Elomin Madrammagath was killed while separated from the group to relieve himself, and based on the wounds his body had sustained Jumon realised they were being hunted by kyaddak. The remaining four members of the group then did not rest that night, but slowly became more and more aware of their hunters presence: at first hearing them, then spotting signs they had been near, then finally seeing the beasts themselves lurking in the shadows. Addar revealed to Jumon that he brought a blaster pistol with him despite their destination being a holy site, but Jumon refused to allow him to attack the kyaddak as they too were creatures of the Force.[1]

Three kyaddak attacked the group on the eighth day, injuring the Duros Uggorda but not managing to kill her before being frightened off by Jumon, Addar and the MA-B0 cargo lifter droid Mabo. The four then forged ahead and managed to make it out of the kyaddak's territory in the crystal forest on the ninth day, entering an area in where the floor itself was crystal instead of dirt. Now safe from their hunters, the group set up another campfire for the night so Mabo could tend to Uggorda's wounds. Addar and Jumon argued about the purpose of their mission before Addar drifted to sleep listening to recordings of Izisca reading from the Journal of the Whills.[1]

Uggorda was killed on the tenth day when a crystal stalactite dropped from a cave ceiling and speared directly through her head. Mabo died on the twelfth day, falling into a chasm that formed underneath him after his weight cracked the crystal mantle beneath him. As the droid clung to a ledge in his final moments, Addar leapt to grab the crate containing the crystals, which Mabo also held onto. Knowing that the human could not bear the both he and the crystals' weight, Mabo then let go. With the cargo lifter gone, Jumon and Addar shared the weight of the crate between them and continued.[1]

The kyaddak then returned on the thirteenth day, leaving Addar to finish the journey alone as Jumon remained behind to hold them off and buy the human time. Running, Addar made it to the caves where the crystals belonged, being alerted to this fact by a locator on his arm. At first he believed that he had lost the kyaddak, but upon hearing them approach he opened fire with his blaster pistol, shattering parts of the crystal walls of the cave and causing a cave in. This left Addar safe from the kyaddak, but also trapped, as he soon realised he had reached a dead end. After watching another of Izisca's holovids in which the church leader described the task of returning the crystals, Addar left the recording on loop and began unpacking the kyber crystals from their crate in the knowledge that he would likely die alongside them trapped in the cave.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"The Force, the Force, the Force! Everything the Force."
―Addar rants angrily about the Church of the Force[src]

Addar was young, untested and uncertain when he joined the mission to Christophsis and quickly began to question what the point of the mission was. He had become a member of the church only because his mother had helped found it and did not share its beliefs on the Force. He was not convinced by the recordings of Izisca and refused to believe there was no dark side of the Force as the church leader claimed, knowing that both he and Izisca believed in evil.[1]

As the journey on Christophsis became increasingly dangerous and deadly he began to decry it as a fool's errand that he did not even understand the purpose of. Despite his lack of faith in the church and the mission, Addar completed the task of returning the crystals, never abandoning them despite the great fear he felt at the danger he faced. While trapped in the crystal caves, he tried not to think about the fact he would soon die trapped and alone, finally becoming one with the Force.[1]


"I have this. We can use it."
"You shouldn't have brought that. A lethal weapon? Here? On this sacred place? You know the—
―Addar reveals his blaster pistol to Jumon[src]

Addar carried a small blaster pistol with him on the mission to Christophsis, despite being told not to bring weapons into the holy site. He also wore a locator on his wrist that beeped once he arrived at the intended destination of the journey.[1]

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Addar first appeared during an interlude in the 2017 novel Aftermath: Empire's End, which was written by Chuck Wendig.[1]


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