Adele Konya was a female general of the Sith Empire's Army during the Galactic War. She served as a commanding officer in the Battle of Corellia in 3641 BBY. In that battle, she fought alongside Hesker and Ogden to defend their turrets in Axial Park[1] against a group of attacking Green Jedi and Republic rocket-jumpers.[2]

In addition to the Battle of Axial Park and several small fights throughout Coronet City during the battle, Konya fought alongside the Coronas, a criminal gang of Corellians loyal to the Sith, in the Battle for the Black Hole, which centered around the Black Hole, a hypermatter refinery in the Labor Valley. Eventually, the Coronas betrayed the Sith when the main battle ended, so the Battle for the Black Hole became a three-way fight between the Sith, Republic, and Coronas for control of the refinery. During this conflict, Konya was stationed at Horizon Outpost, an outpost controlled by the Imperial Military on the edge of the facility. Konya received much opposition from the criminal gang (led by Councilor Torvix) and was forced to hire an Imperial official to take back a site controlled by them.

Behind the scenesEdit

General Konya appears in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, to which she was added in Game Update 1.2: Legacy on April 12, 2012 along with the rest of the Black Hole. She serves to introduce Imperial players to the repeatable Daily missions in the Black Hole.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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