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Adi Gallia was a female Tholothian Jedi Master who sat on the Jedi High Council during the Clone Wars. She fought in a number of engagements during the war, serving as a General in the Grand Army of the Republic.

She participated on a mission to save Eeth Koth along with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi; the mission went well, but they weren't able to kill General Grievous. At another point, she and Kenobi were sent to investigate the actions of the Sith brothers Darth Maul and Savage Opress, who had been wreaking havoc in the Outer Rim Territories to draw the attention of the Jedi. The investigation led the two Jedi to Florrum, where Maul and Opress attempted to convert Hondo Ohnaka's gang of pirates to their cause. The presence of the Jedi led to a brief battle, in which Gallia was slain by Opress.


Adi Gallia was born to a high-ranking diplomatic family that was stationed on Coruscant.[1] Prior to the battle of Naboo, Gallia was a Jedi Master and member of the Jedi Council.[6] She warned the Senate of the Trade Federation's suspicious activity in the Naboo system.[1] She was present at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she and the rest of the council listened to Qui-Gon Jinn's report of an attack by a possible Sith Lord. She was also present when the Council tested Anakin Skywalker to determine if he could be the Chosen One.[4]

During the Separatist Crisis, Gallia continued to serve on the Council. She and the Council approved of Kenobi's investigation into the bounty hunter behind Naboo Senator Padmé Amidala's assassination attempt and Skywalker's mission to continue protecting the senator.[5]

Clone WarsEdit

Gallia was a member of the Jedi assault team led by Jedi Master Mace Windu in order to rescue Kenobi, Skywalker, and Senator Amidala on Geonosis from Count Dooku and his Separatist allies. She survived the battle[5] and became a general in the Grand Army of the Republic.[6]

Rescuing Master KothEdit

When fellow Council member Eeth Koth was captured by Separatist General Grievous, Gallia went with Skywalker, Kenobi and their forces to rescue Koth and capture Grievous.[7]

Following the massacre on Devaron, Gallia, Koon, Tiin, and Kenobi then examined the bodies of master Halsey and his padawan, Knox when they were brought to the Jedi Temple. Gallia believed that this was the work of Asajj Ventress, but knew she supposedly died at the battle of Sullust.[8]

Battle of Lola SayuEdit

Galia then went with Koon, Fisto, and Tiin to rescue Kenobi's team from Lola Sayu. While Koon took a gunship to rescue the team, Galia and the other Jedi fought against the blockade. They were able to rescue the team and return to Coruscant.[9]

Capture by GrievousEdit

Galia's Jedi cruiser then came under attack by a Separatist fleet under Grievous. Galia then fought Grievous when he boarded the cruiser, but was defeated and captured. Following her capture, Galia then watched as Grievous attacked a pirate ship. After that, she was then rescued by Koon, Wolffe, and their troops. However, Grievous escaped.[10]

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Personality and traitsEdit

Although she was not as reckless as Anakin Skywalker, Gallia had no qualm bringing the fight to the enemy, and she had a reputation as an aggressive warrior. Nevertheless, she was also a strict and focused woman, which often led her to criticize certain outrageous tactics used by Skywalker and his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.[11] She was a valuable intelligence source to Senate leaders, and knew much of what happened in the galaxy at large.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Gallia was skilled in the ways of Form V lightsaber combat. She was also a skilled pilot.[12]

Behind the scenesEdit

Adi Gallia was voiced by Angelique Perrin in the TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. There are two conflicting sources regarding Gallia's homeworld. Ultimate Star Wars claims her homeworld is Tholoth, while Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know and Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded states she is from Coruscant. Additionally, the old Encyclopedia at Star gave Gallia's height as 1.74 meters, whereas Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded gives it as 1.84 meters. As the Encyclopedia at Star is no longer actively available, this article assumes the latter height to be true.



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