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The Adjudicator was a small palm-sized hold-out slugthrower pistol manufactured by Czerka Arms.[2]


One of the few non-energy weapons commercially available in large quantities all over the galaxy, the Adjudicator was popular with civilians and militaries alike.[2][3] Known for its heavy punch in a small package (surpassing that of the SH-9 slugthrower pistol and Field Sports Air pistol)[3], it made up for its small ammunition capacity (only four slugs) with stopping power; combined with its ease of concealment, this made the weapon a popular sleeve gun.[2] Capitalizing on this, the weapon was sold with an optional wrist-mounted clamp-holster spring rig; when triggered, the spring-activated rig would thrust the weapon into the user's hands, allowing for a quick and nasty surprise.[2]


Allicance Adjudicator

Alliance Adjudicator

A tech-modified version of the Adjudicator was used by the Alliance Special Forces.[3] Completely silenced and suitable for stealth missions, this variant of the stock Adjudicator was widely used by Alliance Infiltrators, and was kept on a belt, wrist, or ankle holster - sans spring rig.[3]


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