Admiral Korvin was an ex-Trade Federation Captor-class heavy munitions cruiser, assigned by Wilhuff Tarkin as the command ship of Raith Sienar's small fleet for his mission to Zonama Sekot in 29 BBY. It is not known who the ship was named after, or indeed if it was named after anyone. Its commander was Captain Kett.


The Admiral Korvin was regarded by "Commander" Sienar as an old, small, and poorly-equipped ship. She was markedly smaller and less powerful than the Rim Merchant Einem, which was selected by Tarkin as his own command ship, and the Einem was in turn a smaller cousin of the militarized LH-3210 cargo haulers which had formed the backbone of Nute Gunray's attack on Naboo.

Like that of many Trade Federation ships, the Admiral Korvin's main strength was concentrated in automated systems—including B1 battle droids, a force of at least thirty droid starfighters, three landing craft, and a contingent of E-5 battle droids, new models that looked like walking tanks. Nevertheless, the Admiral Korvin also carried a hundred Human troops, and a two-seater Taxon-class probe ship with a living pilot.

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