This manse was owned by the Sith Lord Adraas during the early days of the Cold War. It was surrounded by an eight-meter-tall wall. The main structure was in the center of a garden courtyard with a fountain, which reminded Darth Malgus of the Jedi Temple. It was guarded by Imperial soldiers


After the Sacking of Coruscant and the events afterwards, Darth Malgus traveled to the manse to eliminate his rival, Adraas. He Force Jumped over the wall, overpowered the soldiers standing guard, and raged through the building, destroying sculptures and furniture, and yelling Adraas's name. When he found his rival, Malgus dueled him and eventually killed Adraas, choking him with his bare hands. His mission complete, Malgus left the rest of the manse unharmed.[1]


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