"This is Admiral Nyras. I await your orders, Lord Kaan."
―Adrianna Nyras[src]

Adrianna Nyras was a Twi'lek female senior naval officer who served in the Sith military led by the Brotherhood of Darkness during the New Sith Wars.


Answering directly to Lord Skere Kaan, Admiral Nyras served as field commander of the Sith fleet in his absence. She liked to maintain an air of military professionalism when dealing with the Sith hierarchy.

However, although she remained deferential to the chain of command represented by Kaan and the other Sith Lords, her actual understanding of their powers was very limited. What little she was able to work out about it came from hearsay, and from her empirical experience of serving under Sith leadership.

During the Ruusan campaign, Kaan focused his energies on the surface campaign against Lord Hoth and the Army of Light, while Admiral Nyras, stationed aboard Nightfall, commanded the naval forces in orbit—the majority of the entire Sith fleet.

The Admiral's primary role was to keep the smaller Jedi fleet led by Lord Valenthyne Farfalla away from the planet, and thus to prevent any reinforcements reaching the Jedi on the surface. As a measure of her importance—and of Kaan's desire for direct control—she wore a wrist-mounted comlink, directly linked to Kaan's personal transceiver in the main Sith surface base, from which she took his orders.

Seventh Battle of RuusanEdit

During the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, Darth Bane gained access to Kaan's transceiver, and ordered Admiral Nyras to engage the Jedi fleet. This was part of Bane's plan to destroy the Brotherhood, and went against Kaan's previous direct orders, but Admiral Nyras did not dare disobey a Sith Lord, and she knew enough about the Sith Lords to understand that their plans sometimes depended on strange and seemingly senseless orders.

As a result of the attack, Lord Farfalla's forces were able to break the blockade, with at least two gunships full of Jedi reinforcements reaching the surface at a critical moment for the Army of Light. However, the Sith fleet remained too strong, and the Jedi's larger capital ships pulled back when the reinforcements had broken the blockade.



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