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"Yeah, that's how Chewie and I wound up on this hellhole called Aduba-3, all right – agreeing to protect a bunch of peasants from a bandit type named Serji-X Arrogantus."
―Han Solo[src]

Aduba-3 or Aduba III was a planet in the Aduba system with three million citizens and a starport. It was mostly covered by desert and plains. Most of the plant life on Aduba-3 grew thorns as forms of protection. Located along the Triellus Trade Route, it was a planet so remote smuggler Han Solo considered it beyond the reach of Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure.


Lying on the fringes of Sith Space during the New Sith Wars, the world was initially visited in 1010 BBY by a Sith Lord of the Brotherhood of Darkness. Journeying to Aduba, he created the Behemoth from the World Below on the planet. After the war, the Galactic Republic discovered the world circa 1000 BBY, though the world would not be colonized until 500 BBY as an agriworld. The colonists, followers of the Sacred Way, established farming villages where they harvested maze-stalk and mizzlegritch moss.

Greedy speculators from the Modirin Mining Concern came to the planet and caused a chromium rush by way of mine-seeding. When traders realized there was no fortune to be had on Aduba-3, it lost any appeal it might have had and began to disappear from star charts. However, it did become a haven for down-and-out spacers. After the mining concern failed, the Jedi Agricultural Corps helped the farmers defend their villages from vicious high-hounds.

During the Clone Wars, Aduba had been annexxed by the Hutt Empire, though it would be claimed by the Galactic Empire after the war. A powerful shadowport after its dealings with the Hutts, it attracted all kinds of scum from across the galaxy looking to avoid those who pursued them. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Han Solo and his companions, the Star-Hoppers of Aduba-3, faced Serji-X Arrogantus and his Cloud-Riders in defense of Onacra, but the Old One, a local shaman, awoke the dormant Behemoth. Solo killed the Behemoth with Don-Wan Kihotay's lightsaber. The bounty hunter Beilert Valance came to the planet seeking to kill Jimm Doshun, whom he mistakenly believed to be the destroyer of the Death Star I. Jaxxon and Amaiza Foxtrain saved Jimm.

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