The Advance Base Baskarn was a Rebel outpost serving as a home base for a full wing of X-wing starfighters who had specialized in guerrilla-like hit and run missions. It housed in all 150 operatives, including pilots, staff, soldiers, engineers and technicians. It was of the same class as the Tierfon Rebel Base and commanded by Colonel Riskin and Major Talsa. The protocol droid AB-4 was in charge of handling all equipment.

The base was situated deep in the jungles of Baskarn, built into the side of a mountain, which provided it with a firm foundation of bedrock and a rocky cover against sensors. The base was surrounded by a small protective minefield and equipped with an ion cannon and a small shield, which was prone to suffering from computer malfunctions.

Riskin struggled eternally with the jungle, as its thick growth would often jam machinery and vehicles. When an ordinary five-soldier recon group disappeared, a team of jungle experts were sent to look for them. The jungle team was adopted into a local Yrashu tribe and learned the Yrashu way of jungle survival.

Eventually, an Imperial long range recon fleet discovered the base, and its commander decided to attack the Rebels immediately. The team of jungle experts, who were now presumed dead, returned just in time to apply their new skills in the Battle of Baskarn and thus save the Advance Baskarn Base.



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