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The Advanced Project ship was a prototype model of the T.I.E. starfighter designed by Raith Sienar.[1]


The Advanced Project ship's role was to escort freighters in the Outer Rim Territories for corporate clients. They could deploy into combat from tight-packed launch stacks in standard cargo holds. Advanced Project ships did not have the blade-shaped forward hull of the Scimitar, only a compact, spherical compartment, and had broad vertical cooling vanes at either end of a twenty-meter wingspan. It had essentially the TIE's signature look, but was painted black and was noted as being smaller than previous models.[1]


Flights of early models were apparently made about half a year after the Invasion of Naboo.[2] Ships of the latest and smallest experimental model were finishing construction by 29 BBY. They were paid for in advance by Sienar's clients, one of which was the Trade Federation.[1]

The design of the Advanced Project ship would be expanded upon with the T.I.E. starfighter and its successor designs.[3]


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