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"My contacts have uncovered a source of Data Fragments abandoned by the Empire's old Advanced Weapons Research division, once directed by Orson Krennic."
Kada Jahr[src]

Advanced Weapons Research,[1] also known as the Imperial weapons division,[6] the Imperial Military Department of Advanced Weapons Research,[7] or Imperial Advance Weapon Development, was an agency of the Galactic Empire responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.[3] It existed within the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order's[8] Imperial Security Bureau.[3]


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Director Orson Krennic

Advanced Weapons Research was responsible for Project Blackwing, a clandestine experiment to revive necrotic tissue.[3]

To ensure the secrecy of the Death Star project, the Imperial weapons division used poison canisters to perpetrate genocide against the Geonosian species. In 2 BBY, the Spectres and Saw Gerrera discovered several of these canisters on Geonosis during a mission to investigate the disappearance of the Geonosians. Sabine Wren recognized the canisters as belonging to the Imperial weapons division.[6]

Under the leadership of Director Orson Krennic, Advanced Weapons Research was responsible for the completion of the long-delayed Death Star project.[1] Krennic, however was killed on the planet Scarif during the battle where the Rebel Alliance managed to extract the Death Star plans.[9]

Despite Krennic's death, the group continued and was responsible for the construction of the second Death Star.[10]



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