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Adventure in Beggar's Canyon is a paperback children's book by Jane Mason and illustrated by Gary Ciccarelli. It tells a story of Luke Skywalker and his friend Windy.


The story begins with a brief summary of the Galactic Civil War. Then it shows Luke and Windy entering their T-16 skyhopper. Luke suggests going to shoot womp rats at Beggar's Canyon. Windy agrees, and they fly off. Soon, the skyhopper hits the edge of a cliff and crashes. Luke and Windy encounter Jawas and Tusken Raiders, but they chase off the Jawas and avoid the Sand People. Once they decide to camp, they hear a krayt dragon. As soon as the dragon starts to attack, a mysterious figure appears and frightens the dragon. It turns out to be Obi-Wan Kenobi, who rescues Luke and Windy and, using the Force to tame the creature, they ride a dewback back to Luke's home.


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