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The Adventurer was a Hyrotii Corporation Crescent-class transport, Mark II. It had only limited use and almost no customizations even twenty years after being bought.


This Hyrotii Corporation Crescent-class transport was originally purchased by Aelon Reglis, a gambler from Chandrila who wanted to have adventures in different planets. Soon after buying the ship, Reglis fell in love with a Chandrilan woman, married, had a daughter and settled. For the following twenty-eight years, Reglis visited his ship on the weekends to sit there daydreaming.

The ship was then given to Aelon's daughter, Lynx, as a present for her graduation from Corulag Academy, but again Officer Reglis of the Imperial Navy settled in surface activities. Lynx used the ship when she impersonated a Rebel Agent, known as Sapphire, in order to foil an assassination plot on Commodore Dane Tizzin.

Lynx Reglis was later implicated in a plot to steal secret information from Nigel III, the base where she was stationed and was forced to flee. The Adventurer was impounded by the Empire. At that point, Reglis was trying to replace the sensor package of her ship with a counter-sensor package, but the operation was stopped and the Empire removed the countermeasures, damaging the ship and preventing it from having any sensor.