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Agent ZNT-8 was the lone Alliance to Restore the Republic operative who remained at the Alliance base on Dankayo as an observer after its evacuation. Agent ZNT-8 survived the Imperial Navy's orbital bombardment by taking refuge in a deep-planet survival shelter, and emerged to find that the Star Destroyer attack had destroyed the base's power generators, preventing the complete self-destruction of the base computers. Stormtroopers from the Imperial Armored Transport Elusive were sifting the ruins of the base, and had in fact recovered several datapacks full of sensitive intelligence. Agent ZNT-8 was armed with a couple of thermal detonators and some detonite, and his last log entry recorded his intention to attack the Imperials. The agent apparently failed their mission, inasmuch as the datapacks were evacuated on the Elusive, bound for Coronar, but they were able to alert the Alliance to the situation, and thanks to Agent ZNT-8's warning, another group of Alliance agents eventually intercepted and destroyed the shipment.