Aggressive Negotiation was a Barloz-class freighter that was used by Legal Arms Ltd. during the Clone Wars.


The Negotiation was captained by the Human Jarl Narvis, his wife Gille Narvis, and daughter Kalee Narvis were also among the crew. During the Clone Wars, it traveled to the Cularin system, to deliver some weapons to the Cularin Militia. However, it encountered a Thaereian military patrol and they sent some troops to board it, under the command of a Lieutenant. Humans, Bothans and Trandoshans were among the boarding party. The Thaereians confiscated the shipment and destroyed the cargo manifests. They then shot Jarl and began firing on the other members of the crew, until only Gille and Narvis were left. However, they were then called away because of a problem the Thaereians were encountering in their Blockade of the Cularin system. They left the ship dead in space and Gille broadcast a distress call. It was picked up by the Heroes of Cularin and they came and rescued Gille and Kalee.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Aggressive Negotiation was mentioned in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, in the entries of Jarl Narvis and Gille Narvis.