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"The Aggressor seats eight."
Kal Skirata[src]

The Aggressor assault fighter was a unique Trilon, Inc. starfighter design, and was specifically designed for space combat.



A flight of Aggressor assault fighters

Its insectile shape was easily recognizable, with a thin main hull, two forward-facing mandibles, and two retractable steering vanes.

The mass of the Aggressor was higher than that of most starfighters, but this was compensated for by the fact that most interior space was dedicated to power cores and weapons systems.

The Aggressor could accommodate eight people plus a pilot. It also had a secure hold which was why it was used by many as a bounty vessel.


The Aggressor assault fighters were used by Mandalorian Protectors during the Second Battle of Fondor and by Jedi turned Mandalorian Bardan Jusik.

The assassin droid IG-88 used an assault fighter, the IG-2000, as his personal vessel.



An Aggressor firing on a Firespray-31-class patrol craft


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