Agmor Glayyd was a Human male who served as the Mor of House Glayyd on the planet Ammuud. He groomed his son, Ewwen, to take his place as the head of the clan. He also unsuccessfully encouraged his strong-willed daughter, Ido, to hew to their culture's patriarchal values and find an appropriate suitor within the clan.[1]

Agmor earned the disapproval of the slavers Magg and Zlarb, despite his clan's facilitation of their activities. Zlarb, a Malkite Poisoner,[3] managed to poison Agmor's food[1] without drawing any suspicion from the family. After Agmor died, Ewwen was thrust into the role of Mor. Half a month later, after Han Solo saved Ewwen from having to fight a duel with the famed gunman, Gallandro, Ewwen learned of Zlarb's treachery and turned over the data regarding his clan's dealings with the slavery ring over to the Corporate Sector Authority as a means of pursuing vengeance for his father's death.[3]



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