Ahlya was a female Human operative who worked for the Darkside, a repair station in the Cularin system asteroid belt. She was also a member of The Cell, a criminal faction wanting to oust and replace local crimelord Nirama. She wasn't very highly placed in the Cell, neither was the Darkside faction in the general Cell scheme.[1]

In 32 BBY, Ahlya was one of the few remaining members of the Darkside contingent after a raid committed by Nirama's forces. Other survivors included Dor Balse, Kruss Gaal, Jarrilyn, Jasper and Michael. At that point, they were trying to recruit new members, including local Wookiees, Kaarl the Ithorian and some newcomers, but the people in Darkside felt no respect for the local Cell. Shortly thereafter, they were captured by a group of spies working for Nirama.[1]

Her implication in The Cell and subsequent capture were public knowledge less than one month later.[2]


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