Ahric Korownosek was an actor, leader of the itinerating troupe NovaCluster Players, captain of the Command Performance and secretly a thief of art.


Ahric Korownosek was a self-styled great actor who did not share the unfavorable opinion of critics about his work. His troupe, the NovaCluster Players, achieved success during their first days and Korownosek used the gains to buy a Rendili-Surron Starlight-class light freighter, the Command Performance, with which they would travel from one world to another.

Although Korownosek longed to be the star of a HoloClysm, he was reduced to perform dramas such as Coruscani and I, The Glorious Rise of the New Order and Sing, Advisors, Sing in backwater planets.

He still used the gains to customize the ship, adding space for the actors, for props, for costumes, and for a stage, as well as a good library with Imperial-approved scripts. As they commonly acted in backwater planets with no advanced starport, Korownosek included a modified sensor package to help in the landings.

Korownosek also became a thief of art, using his talent and props, and taking advantage of acting in worlds with little in communications. Korownosek added a secret compartment for stolen goods, that he then tried to fence in the following world he would visit. Although Korownosek was not captured by security forces or bounty hunters, he sometimes had to leave a planet in a hurry.