"I am an explorer and a scientist. My profession as a mercenary enables me to travel the galaxy and explore caves on many planets."
―Ahrnell, talking to Meetra Surik[src]

Ahrnell was a Force-sensitive male Twi'lek who worked as part of a mercenary group that had set up operations on Dantooine following the Jedi Civil War. Unlike the other mercenaries on the planet, however, he was a scientist and avid spelunker, using his job as a mercenary to explore other worlds. He explored the crystal cave that was located near the ruins of the Jedi Enclave, using kinrath scent glands to move past the creatures without disturbing them. When he encountered Meetra Surik inside the cave, he could tell that she was a Jedi. For her part, Surik could sense that Ahrnell was somewhat Force-sensitive himself, because he could feel the energy of the lightsaber crystals within the cave. Ahrnell promised not to betray Surik's secret, however.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Jedi Exile can convince Ahrnell to let her hold his kinrath gland for a moment, at which point she can give the gland back to him, kill him for the gland, or keep the gland to herself, leaving Ahrnell to be killed by kinrath.


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