"If this planet exists, I must see it for myself. The ship alone is not enough. I must know more."
"Because I think if I do not, our species is doomed.
"I can promise nothing. But I will see what can be done."
―Master Shapers Nen and Ahsi Yim[src]

Ahsi Yim was a female Yuuzhan Vong and a member of the species' shaper caste, who experimented with the science of biotechnology to aid the Yuuzhan Vong warriors in their conquests. Yim served during the Yuuzhan Vong War, in which her race invaded a galaxy in order to conquer its worlds and convert its inhabitants to the Yuuzhan Vong religion. Following the conquest of the planet Duro, Ahsi Yim worked on the terraforming of the world. The shaper found, however, that the orthodox protocols that governed her caste were severely outmoded and lacking when it came to the task at hand. Rather than slavishly obey the strictures, Ahsi Yim practiced heresy by adapting the protocols to suit the needs of the assignment. With her methods undiscovered and her success lauded, Yim was escalated to the rank of master shaper in 28 ABY and assigned to the conquered capital world of the New Republic, Coruscant. Yim worked on the terraforming of the world as she had on Duro, but soon found herself confronted with the same problems and once again secretly turned to heresy.

Ahsi Yim's heresy was discovered, but instead of being sacrificed to the Yuuzhan Vong gods, the master shaper was secretly allowed to join a team of shapers, clandestinely overseen by Supreme Overlord Shimrra himself, which had been tasked with creating new technology—through heresy if need be—to aid in the continued conquest of the galaxy. Ahsi Yim worked alongside her sister Nen Yim; at the same time, the master shaper maintained ties with the Quorealists, an organization of Yuuzhan Vong opposed to Shimrra who operated on Coruscant. Due to Ahsi Yim's connections, she was approached by her sister in 29 ABY, who asked the master shaper if she could facilitate a meeting with a Quorealist. Yim was able to carry out her sister's request, although Nen Yim was abducted from the compound shortly after her meeting with the Quorealist, and Ahsi Yim was executed when a rumor reached Supreme Overlord Shimrra that she had played a part in the kidnapping.


Heretic shaperEdit

"I worked on the changing of Duro. On the surface of things, on the record, we worked strictly by the protocols. And yet, often the protocols were not suitable. They were not sufficiently flexible for what needed to be done. Some of us—did what was necessary."
―Ahsi Yim[src]

A member of the Yuuzhan Vong species, Ahsi Yim was trained as a shaper,[2] a Yuuzhan Vong scientist who manipulated the biological technology of her race in the interests of its preservation and survival. The Yuuzhan Vong traveled over many millennia to another galaxy, in the belief that it was their new home following years roaming the Intergalactic Void. Yim, like all Yuuzhan Vong, was encouraged to believe that the species' gods had granted the new galaxy to their worshipers.[3]

The invasion of the galaxy proceeded well and Ahsi Yim was tasked to the terraforming of the conquered planet Duro,[2] which was captured from the defending New Republic in 26 ABY. Duro, a planet poisoned by centuries of technological excess, was targeted to be remade as a verdant paradise.[4] While working on the terraforming of Duro, however, Yim began to discover that the shaping protocols—strict orthodox instructions which governed the art of shaping—were lacking. Rather than adhere to the protocols as the shapers were ordered, Yim risked death as a heretic by undertaking her own research, adapting the protocols to suit the requirements of the task rather than attempting to work within the limits of orthodoxy. Yim's work went undiscovered;[2] due to the overall efforts of the shapers working to terraform the planet, Duro was successfully recreated as a world full of vegetation.[5]

A year following the conquest of Coruscant, the capital of the New Republic, Ahsi Yim was elevated to the rank of master shaper.[5] She worked once again on the terraforming of a world—this time, it was Coruscant itself,[2] which was to be remodeled in the image of the lost homeworld of the Yuuzhan Vong, Yuuzhan'tar. Although Coruscant underwent vast changes,[6] problems began occurring soon after its transformation. The dhuryam—a telepathic Yuuzhan Vong organism tasked with overseeing the newly anointed planet—began to compromise the terraforming process with a series of glitches.[7] Ahsi Yim observed in frustration as the shapers responded with inhibited orthodox measures to counter the mistakes,[2] which included an itching plague that infuriated the Yuuzhan Vong conquerors. The far-reaching problems led to the execution of Master Shaper Ch'Gang Hool for his failure to resolve the issue.[7]

Ahsi Yim had already observed the adaptations of the galaxy's defenders to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Rather than remain committed to pre-existing technology, the inhabitants of the galaxy had adapted with new warships and tactics. Having experienced the conservatism of the shaper caste, Yim began to believe that the adaptation of the shaping protocols, despite its nature as arch-heresy in accordance with the stricture that only the god Yun-Yuuzhan could create new biotechnology, was the only way forward if the Yuuzhan Vong species was to be saved. She began to practice heresy on a larger scale, but was discovered. Rather than be executed, however, Ahsi Yim was taken to a secret compound on Coruscant, located within the confines of Supreme Overlord Shimrra's palace. There, she was allowed to continue to experiment with shaping technology under the auspices of her sister Nen Yim, who had been tasked by Shimrra with creating new technology to combat the galaxy's defenders.[2]

Ascension and deathEdit

"You think Ahsi Yim had some part in Nen Yim's kidnapping."
"If it was a kidnapping, Lord Shimrra. The damutek's defenses failed. I do not see how the individuals could have accomplished this."
―Supreme Overlord Shimrra is counseled by Qelah Kwaad[src]

Although Ahsi Yim was, due to her new assignment, in a position to aid her species in the conquest of their new galaxy, the master shaper retained her secrets. Yim had close ties to the Quorealist underground, a faction of dissident Yuuzhan Vong who were opposed to Shimrra and loyal to the Supreme Overlord's deceased predecessor, Quoreal. She was aware that the secret shaping laboratory in which she worked was proof that the orthodox shaping protocols had failed, and that Shimrra was concealing the truth from the Yuuzhan Vong. Furthermore, rumors were circling among Ahsi Yim's associates—rumors about a Yuuzhan Vong commander, Ekh'm Val, who had made a chance discovery and lost his life when he reported it to Shimrra. The mysterious circumstances were further complicated by the fact that in 29 ABY, her sister Nen Yim was approached by Shimrra's familiar, Onimi, and given an object to study in great secrecy. Ahsi Yim was intrigued by the delivery; a day later, she was summoned to Nen Yim's quarters.[2]

There, Ahsi Yim was soon made privy to her sister's secret. Nen Yim had been ordered to study a mysterious starship, which had a similar genotype to the living starships of the Yuuzhan Vong, and create weapons to deal with the biotechnology it utilized. The two master shapers discussed the reasons behind Shimrra's orders, which involved the legend of a living planet, Zonama Sekot, which had been sighted in the galaxy by Ekh'm Val, who had subsequently been killed by Shimrra for his discovery. Ahsi Yim and her sister agreed that it seemed likely that while Shimrra wished to deny the existence of Zonama Sekot to the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong, due to the danger it seemingly posed to the species, the Supreme Overlord was preparing for a military strike on the world. The lack of pertinent information, however, led to Nen Yim's request that Ahsi secure a meeting with someone who possessed knowledge of Zonama Sekot—someone who would not report the meeting to Shimrra.[2]

The master shaper realized that a Quorealist would be the ideal candidate, and arranged a meeting between Nen Yim and High Priest Harrar of Shimrra's court. Ahsi Yim continued with her work in the secret compound, only to be shocked one day when a pair of Jedi Knights infiltrated the laboratories with the help of rebel Shamed Ones and kidnapped Nen Yim, before escaping aboard the mysterious starship. In the aftermath of Nen Yim's abduction, Ahsi Yim was promoted to the leader of the shaping project in her sister's stead. The position would be held by the master shaper only fleetingly, however. Shortly after Yim's ascension,[2] she was executed on the orders of Supreme Overlord Shimrra.[5] One of Yim's co-workers, Qelah Kwaad, had coveted the master shaper's position as project leader, and had deceived Shimrra into believing that Ahsi Yim had aided in Nen Yim's escape.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"I serve my people. The protocols do not. I would die for that."
―Ahsi Yim[src]

Ahsi Yim was a young, forward-thinking Yuuzhan Vong who was willing to risk death in order to aid her species' continued survival. Rather than obey the strict shaping protocols, Yim clandestinely experimented with new technology. Skilled and talented in the execution of her duties, Yim was assigned to terraform two separate worlds and was promoted to the rank of master shaper for her efforts. Once Nen Yim had vanished from Coruscant, Ahsi Yim was the prime candidate for her sister's replacement.[2]

Shrewd and pragmatic, Ahsi Yim was able to comprehend that Yuuzhan Vong orthodoxy had failed the species. She had little trust in the gods or in Supreme Overlord Shimrra who, while embodying the species' orthodoxy, was also secretly countermanding it. Yim maintained ties to dissident Yuuzhan Vong and was privy to much of the intrigue and gossip that circled the halls of power. Despite observing the flaws in the leadership and orthodoxy of her species, Yim's primary concern was with ensuring the survival of her race.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ahsi Yim was introduced as a minor Yuuzhan Vong character in Gregory Keyes' The New Jedi Order: The Final Prophecy. Although Keyes' novel does not specifically state that Yim was executed, the The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008, established that this was indeed the case.



Notes and referencesEdit

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